Hearing Assessments

Hearing Assessments are available at our state-of-the-art Hearing Centre or from within the comfort of your own home. The assessment typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. It is completely free of charge and provides an opportunity for hearing aid trials and demonstrations of the latest digital hearing aid technology, with no obligation to purchase. We will always demonstrate the benefits of any possible hearing aid treatment where possible, before prescribing.

Our Audiologists are trained to go at your pace, to professionally advise you and explain everything to you as clearly as possible. We want you to feel completely confident and relaxed during your private hearing test, as we know that for some people addressing their hearing loss can be scary, awkward and sometimes embarrassing.

During our unique evaluation, your Audiologist will use calibrated equipment. The Audiologist will objectively assess your auditory function and explain any potential hearing conditions. We will refer you to your G.P. if there is any medical attention required.  Should any hearing loss be detected we will advise you of your options, and if necessary, select and fit any hearing aids or devices.

Your Audiologist will talk you through what to expect from your private digital hearing aids, educate you on your hearing loss, and help you learn about additional resources, which can aid your personal rehabilitation and journey to amplification.  Treating hearing loss requires a lot of attention to detail and understanding. A digital hearing aid is only as effective as the clinician fitting it. Our competitive digital hearing aid prices start from as little as £600 per hearing aid and include all clinical testing, fitting and servicing.  We will only prescribe proven, quality instruments which offer a state-of-the-art performance for our patients.