We need to help to evaluate a new concept in Hearing Aid fitting.

Hearing aids may be suitable for a person’s hearing but are they suitable for their lifestyle? Now there is a way to find out!

The innovative Log It All technology uses a revolutionary approach that enables us to accurately evaluate the hearing environments in which you spend your listening time; whether this is at a noisy restaurant with friends, listening to music, spending time at home with your family or watching TV.

Your Soundscape; evaluated by Log It All
In order for us to map out your exact needs, you’ll be required to wear a pair of the latest Unitron hearing instruments (on a free-trial basis) for a couple of weeks. This allows the instruments to record your Personal Soundscape and show how they respond to your actual listening environments. We can then identify the most appropriate level of hearing technology for you and your lifestyle!

Vitality Hearing Ltd have been selected to take part in this exclusive trial and we believe that it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to experience this ground-breaking technology. All you need to do is give us a call on 01606 215 945 to book your Hearing Assessment.